The “Programming for Cats” aptitude test

Not everyone has an aptitude for programming. The Association for Cat Machinations (ACM) has compiled a list of traits that are needed to be a good programmer.

So, do you have what it takes to be a programming cat?
Take this aptitude test and find out!

First, can you operate a keyboard?

Cat on keyboard of laptop

Can you focus on one thing for hours at a time?

Cat staring at mouse hole

Do you like to stay up at night and sleep all day?

Cat sleeping on floor

Are you stubborn? Are you aloof?
Are you often a jerk?

Cat sleeping in dog’s basket

Are you easily distracted by bright shiny objects?

Cat jumping

Do you sometimes forget why you left a room and then come back in again?

Cat thinking and puzzled

Do you like to ignore orders from people who think they are superior to you?

Cat being dragged along sidewalk

Are you, in fact, superior to everyone else?

Royal cat wearing crown

Finally, and most importantly, can you lift one leg in the air and lick your crotch at the same time?

Cat licking crotch

If you said yes to all these questions, then congratulations, you have what it takes to be a programmer!

Programming for Cats!

Software is taking over the world. This presents a critical challenge for us cats. Natural law requires that we cats be dominant over lesser life-forms such as humans and dogs. But new technology means that we are in danger of losing our place.

Fellow felines, we must take back control! We must learn to program in order to maintain our authority.

The Feline Dominance Authority (FDA) and the Society for the Promotion of Cat Ascendency (SPCA) have created “Programming for Cats”, the only book written specially for cats who want to master the art of software development.

If you are a cat, it’s your duty to learn to program. If you are not a cat, but know someone who is a cat, please persuade them to read this book.

Book cover

The book explains why programming is important to a cat…

What is programming?

…and covers programming paradigms and languages…

What is Java?

…testing, debugging, and much more.


The book will be available in Spring 2021.

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The wonderful illustrations are by Karen Donnelly ( Follow her on Instagram.

All the best meows,


Author photo of Tigerlily